About Us

Hi! I'm Chelsea, welcome to my blog :) 
I hope you enjoy your time here. This blog contains all of the things that inspire me the most, and I hope you can feel inspired too. 

I have been blessed with a life full of happiness and love that I share with my wonderful husband Martin, and our adorable boys Eli and Caleb. 
I largely credit that happiness to our religion. 
When we keep the commandments that our Heavenly Father has given us, our little home is filled with love, peace, and joy. I am so thankful to know that my Heavenly Father and my Savior love me.

A little bit about us:
Martin is one heck of a dairy farmer.
 I'm a stay at home mom.
Eli is a little tornado of energy.
Caleb is the sweetest, most easy going baby. 
Martin loves sports and winter time.
I love cooking, crafting, and summer. 
He likes the fan on at night, and I don't. 

Funny how two people can go so well with each other despite all their differences :)