Friday, November 15, 2013

Thoughts on bath time...

Eli and Caleb have different opinions about bath time. Unfortunately neither one of them loves everything about it. Eli loves to play and hang out in the tub, but HATES getting washed. We're talking extreme meltdowns every single time. But, he's a gem if you just let him do his thing. Bub on the other hand doesn't mind getting washed, but isn't all that content to hang out in the tub. In fact he won't even sit in the water. He used to, but ever since he learned how to stand up on his own he won't sit down. He will splash around and play with the toys for a minute or two, but then he's whining at me nonstop until I get him out. I guess I have always imagined bath time with my babies being a little more relaxing and playful. But so goes a lot of things in motherhood.

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