Monday, November 18, 2013

Only "pwoo-doh" will do.

Eli is a great helper. He is always willing to get whatever I need. Most the time he is running diaper errands, either getting new ones or throwing used ones away. Lately he has been insistent that Bub wear only the diapers with Pluto and Mickey on them. The ones with Minnie simply will not do. So, consequently there are usually diapers strewn everywhere from him searching through the basket for "pwoo-doh". The funniest part is that even when I'm the one grabbing a diaper and I haven't asked him to help me, if he sees me using a Minnie diaper he says "no no no! Pwoo-doh mom!" And runs and gets me a different diaper to use. Silly boy. I guess it's good that he's looking out for his brothers manliness right? Haha :)

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