Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Thanksgiving was at G&G Herd's this year.
Kyndra and Riley decided to be on the same holiday schedule with us so they were there too. Yay! 
We hung out, colored pictures, made gum drop turkeys, had dinner (non-traditonal since Gramma Herd is not a turkey fan. We had steak and prawns! Yum!), played balderdash (Kyndra kicked everybody's trash), and went together to see Frozen (which we all really enjoyed!).
Here is our day in pictures :)

Kyndra wouldn't let anyone touch her picture. She is very particular when it comes to coloring pictures.

Eli was an excellent turkey maker :)

Gramma, Grandpa and Eli played Angry Birds (Eli's favorite game).

Gavin has decided to follow in Dad's footsteps and have his eyes closed when his picture is taken ;)

We all stuffed our faces for about 5 minutes straight with no talking and then we all thought we would die from food overload. Haha

We are so glad to have family so close to celebrate the holidays with!

Also, Bub was there, I promise. Haha he just napped for most the day so poor kid didn't make it into any pictures. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

(p.s. For some reason the picture of Mom and Kyndra is showing up way different on blogger than on iphoto. On here it is taking on a very "soft" look. But, that's okay because it's making you two look super young and glamorous ;) Haha you're welcome.)

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