Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bub's #1

Folks, my baby has turned 1. 
So exciting and so sad.
He's only going to keep getting older from here on out.
Oh how I wish he could stay my baby. 

For his birthday I made him a monster cake and he dug right in.

And he got lots of help opening his presents.

I just know I'm going to kick myself over this for years, but we were out of memory on our video camera so we don't have much footage of him opening gifts. Just a few little clips from our phones. My Dad got the cutest video of him when he opened the activity cube. He was seriously giddy. Like literally trying to jump up and down. Haha it was adorable. 

I wondered before I had Bub if I would ever be able to bond with another baby and love them as much as I felt like I had bonded with and loved Eli.
I was so naive!
My heart is overflowing with love for this little one.
He has taught me that a mother's love can only grow and multiply with each new child.
He brings me unmeasurable joy each day and I am so grateful that he belongs to our family for all eternity!
I love you Bub!

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