Saturday, November 23, 2013


Our nightly ritual includes baths, scriptures, family prayer, teeth brushing, going potty and heading upstairs for personal prayers, a little critter book read aloud and lullabies sung. Since Eli was born I've always kind of stuck to the same three lullabies (I am a child of God, I have two little hands, and stay awake). Every now and then I will throw in a different primary song. Lately though, Eli has been voicing his opinion about what I need to sing. It's always funny to me when the boys develop different tastes and opinions and make them known. It's a nice reminder that they really are people too :). But, this time more than being funny it has really just been sweet. He has decided that I am a child of God is his favorite and if I try to sing a different song, he will correct me with "no mom, I want a song about Jesus Christ. Sing child of God". Even though Christ isn't mentioned by name in the song he has somehow made that connection and it is so sweet to me. And so, I sing all four verses (sometimes twice) while I stroke his cheek, and play with his hair, just like I have since the day he was born. And it's in those moments that I feel rejuvenated, my love for my children feels like it's overflowing, and I feel like I can make it through another day of sticky floors, toys strewn everywhere, movies on repeat, and learning how to share. 

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